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The Core



 Hewn from the marble quarries of Carrara is the raw material that for centuries has been transformed by thegreats into sculptures that illuminate museums, cathedrals and city squares.

In the process of earth’s formation, the metamorphic rock’s lower density caused it to be pushed upwardsunder great pressure, creating landscapes of aweinspiring natural beauty.Since humans discovered of this beauty, the materialhas been mined from the inside and out. This excavation leaves visible traces.

— Which is worth more: beauty crafted or nature left untouched?

In our own craft, we too engage with the use of resources – their potential and their depletion. Developing circular products is therefore our aim.Resource extraction is not always as apparent as it is in a marble quarry. Here, we only scratch the surface of the hard outer shell. Its soft core, the earth’s sensitive climate, manifests its symptoms of injury in myriad ways.

— When our resources are exhausted, is all that remains a hard core?

The earth bears many fruits, and new things always arise from the core. Nature’s dynamic forces bring forth infinite creativity. May we use them wisely.May we return more then we take.